whirlpool hot tubs 107 & 118 are one of the few condos that have remodeled and installed whirlpool hot tubs. Both master suites have combination hot tub/showers.

Directions for operating the whirlpool hot tub

  • Turn both hot and cold water wide open to prime the pipes from the boiler in the building. 
  • Once the water gets warm, regulate the temperature to your desire. Anything over 105 degrees is unsafe so don't get too crazy with the hot water.
  • Wait for the water level to reach well over the top jets before turning on the pump.
  • Please use only a CAPFUL of body wash (most shampoos make the tub feel oily and leaves a nasty grime behind). Any thing more when you first turn the jets on and you will have foam bubbles rolling out of the tub.
  • When you are finished PLEASE turn the pump off BEFORE draining the tub. Running the pump when it's dry will burn up the pump.


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